The Cricket Coaches (TCC) Celestial Knights is a trendsetting cricket franchise that leads out in the LPL both on and off the field.

Management Company

The Cricket Coaches oversees the management and running of the TCC Celestial Knights, by securing the necessary funds and creating the infrastructure and processes that drive the TCC Celestial Knights to be the leading franchise in the LPL.

We cannot do or achieve anything on our own, therefor we partner with individuals, businesses and organisations who give freely to the cause of the TCC Celestial Knights.

Our Cause

  • We deliver exceptional teams in the Junior LPL (U12, 14, 16), the Youth LPL (U21) and Senior LPL.
  • We encourage our cricketers to play the game within the Spirit of Cricket, competitively with a will and belief to win through showcasing their individual talent within a team context.
  • We connect with things greater than mere individuals as we stand for more… we have therefor made the decision to help create suicide awareness in partnership with SADAC.

Our Achievements

  • We were the first ever franchise (LPL 2017) to enter teams into all levels of the competition.  This includes the Junior LPL (U12, 14 & 16), Youth LPL and Senior LPL. 
  • We are one of two teams to win the Senior LPL in our first year in the tournament.
  • Our Junior teams all reached the semi finals in 2017 with the U13 team being runners up.

In 2018 we are leaping ahead of our competition again… #watchthisspace as more is coming.