We are opening the opportunity for more cricketers to potentially play in the Junior LPL as a TCC Celestial Knight.

Our Junior LPL Teams trials are on 17 June 2018 at Randburg Cricket Club.

Please contact us on wecoachcricket@gmail.com to show your interest.

Please note we use the following selection criteria:

  • Although we want to pick the strongest teams we can, in judgement calls between cricketers with similar skill and roles we see them play we will..
  • Pick cricketers that are part of The Cricket Coaches Academy ahead of outside cricketers.
  • We will pick cricketers that are part of places where we find ourselves ahead of cricketers who are outside of these places.
  • Having said this we say again that we will pick the strongest possible teams, and we believe that it is an honour to play for the leading franchise in the LPL.